Liaison psychiatry at Department of Psychological Medicine, Hull Royal Infirmary

The A&E mental health liaison team operates seven days a week from 8am until 10pm.

It is a multidisciplinary team which includes a range of professionals who focus on people who deliberately self-harm and/or who have mental health problems within the acute care pathway.

This team therefore sees patients who have self-harmed in A&E and on the Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill sites. The team will also arrange to see patients who are initially seen within the minor injuries units which are spread throughout Hull and East Yorkshire. The latter patients are usually seen within 24 hours.

The team provide an AGELESS service to patients who have self-harmed. They offer specialist psycho-social assessment, follow up where appropriate and limited outpatient work of a more psychotherapeutic nature where there is an identified need.

From: Liaison psychiatry in the modern NHS, Centre for Mental Health and NHS Confederation Mental Health Network, 2012 Download this document (.pdf)