North West London Mental Health Referral, Assessment and Care: core processes and standards

Click here to view the Mental Health referral pathway: process, standards and shared care

Click here to view the Whole System Community Mental Health Referral & Care Pathway

Click here to view the data sources for the NWL Urgent Access and Care expert reference group

Click here to view Mental Health Assessment Standards Assurance Dashboard

Click here to view Mental Health Urgent Care: NWL Integrated Delivery Plan


Core Secondary Mental Health Service GP Referral Form (MH1) – Click to view  Page 1 and Page 2

Outcome of Referral Letter – Declined (MH2)  – Click here to view

Outcome of Assessment/Initial Care Plan Letter (MH3) – Click here to view

Significant change of care/Care Plan review letter (MH4) – Click here to view

‘Simple’ Discharge Summary Letter – In treatment for < 9 months (MH5.1) – Click here to view


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