PHE NMHIN: Mental Health Crisis Care Profile (August 2016)

On 2 August 2016, The NMHIN announced the launch of the mental health crisis care profile within Fingertips.

The crisis care profile gives commissioners, local decision makers, health professionals and advocacy groups access to local data and intelligence across the scope of mental health crisis care, as defined by the Crisis Care Concordat. The profile provides data in five domains: understanding need, access to support before crisis, urgent and emergency access to crisis care, quality of treatment, and recovery/preventing future crisis.  It features new data on NHS 111 and ambulance services.

The profile can be used to:

  • transparently benchmark and compare areas in England
  • support the planning and implementation of local Crisis Care Concordat action plans
  • inform commissioning and planning to ensure there are effective mental health crisis care services in England.

This profiling tool has been delivered as part of a sector-wide drive towards using data to support the commissioning and delivery of effective mental health crisis care.

The crisis care data catalogue, that was launched in May 2016, has also been updated. Click here to access the updated version.

The crisis care profile and data catalogue will continue to be developed and improved, and future versions will include more data on crisis care as this becomes available.

If you have any feedback, please send comments and suggestions to

For further information or training in the use of the tool, email