The Dedicated 136 Number in Lincolnshire

“Our central number for police has helped reduce the waiting time for people in crisis who need urgent health interventions” – Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust.

In March 2012 the section 136 working group for Lincolnshire, made up of police, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (LPFT), the ambulance service, Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) and the Local Authority, created a joint mental health process which fully outlined operational protocols and responsibilities. Essential to this protocol was the use of a central 136 number for the police to use to enable them to access information and support from mental health professionals.

The 136 number connects officers to the mental health duty nurse at the Lincolnshire place of safety. The police expect an immediate response and advice on incidents involving an individual having a mental health crisis. The nurse is able to offer a rapid referral to healthcare services. This supports the police and ambulance services to engage with the individual in crisis with greater understanding and confidence. Section 136 is only used when necessary, because appropriate alternatives are fully considered.

The point of contact becomes the section 136 suite duty nurse once this number has been dialled and a clear data sharing process comes into play. The information is shared allowing for quicker decisions about what happens next.

– Mary Quint, The Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust