Your mental health crisis Declaration

A mental health crisis Declaration is an agreement between local services and agencies to commit to improving the care and support for people in crisis. Your Declaration statement should meet the commitments in the national Crisis Care Concordat and must be signed by all the local organisations that could be involved in the care of someone in mental health crisis.

Your Declaration statement needs to cover:

  • Access to support before crisis point
  • Urgent and emergency access to crisis care
  • Quality of treatment and care when in crisis
  • Recovery and staying well, preventing future crises

If you want to start working on a Declaration statement, you may find it useful to use this template


Your organisation

If you already have a Declaration statement (agreed with other local organisations), you can start the submission process from this page. We’ll need your name, email address and the name of your organisation. Ensure you also select your organisation type from the drop down menu below.

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Declaration statement organisations

Please give us your group name and the area that your group is from.

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Add other organisations

Please add the other organisations that make up your group.

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Submit your Declaration statement

Please read the following statement before submitting your Declaration.

This Declaration is endorsed by us as signatories who commit to work together to achieve systemic and continuous improvements in care for people who are in mental health crisis. It meets the commitments contained in the national Crisis Care Concordat.