Beyond Places of Safety scheme – background

On the 9th of January this year, the Prime Minister announced that the Department of Health would run a further grants scheme for improving the provision of services for those who are vulnerable to a mental health crisis. This follows on from the Improving Places of Safety scheme run over 2015/16 and 2016/17 which aimed to improve health-based ‘places of safety’ for those experiencing a crisis, in order to ensure that fewer vulnerable people ended up in a police cell following detention under the Mental Health Act. Since 2012, the number of people being detained in police cells under the Mental Health Act has fallen by 80%. The formation of the Crisis Care Concordat in 2014 was central to this improvement, and this additional investment of £15m will help continue this positive trend.

The new scheme is entitled Beyond Places of Safety to reflect the fact that its aims are broader than the previous scheme. As well as helping improve the provision of health-based Places of Safety for those detained under S135 and S136 of the Mental Health Act, applications can also be made to improve services for people who are vulnerable to or recovering from a mental health crisis.

Bidding for the Beyond Places of Safety grants scheme has now closed. The Department of Health is grateful to organisations who have taken an interest in the scheme.  Awards will be announced over the coming months.

Any questions should be submitted to

Aspirational timeline for decision making in relation to BPOS Grant Awards

October Publication of final application guidance and forms on with

a link to the CCC website

Jan 21 Deadline for application forms to be returned to the Department.
Jan 21 – 6 Feb Logging of all applications and basic compliance checks

to be conducted for all applications

6 – 9 Feb Panel members use sample bids to develop a consistent

approach to scoring and weighting criteria

12 Feb – end Feb Panel members score and moderate bids in

line with agreed procedure.

w/c 5 March Call for additional evidence from borderline or non-compliant bids
w/c 12 March Evaluation panel come together to review “borderline”

or very high cost bids and reach a final decision.

w/c 19 March Due diligence checks carried out on proposed awards
w/c 26 March Final ranking and decision based upon evaluation scores and affordability of bids
End of March Recommendation of awards letter sent to Finance,

Grants Hub and HMT seeking approval for evaluation panel awards.

Early April Submission sent to Ministers detailing proposed

provisional awards and seeking approval.

Quarter 1 FY2018/19 Notification letters sent to bidders informing

them of panel decision and provisional awards.

All notifications of awards will be provisional until a final Memorandum of Understanding (for NHS Organisations) or a Grant Award Letter (for LA and VCS organisations) has been agreed between prospective awardees and cleared by DHSC Finance.